What is your favorite travel destination? Why?

Switzerland is my favorite place in the world! It is a hiker’s paradise and I love climbing mountains, plus everywhere looks like a greenscreen backdrop, and the water INSANE!

How many times have you missed a flight?

Only once surprisingly! Although I have had to run to make my flight on almost every trip.

When do you start packing for a trip?

Every time I have an upcoming trip I tell myself I am going to be proactive and pack ahead of time, but honestly that’s too much pressure. I find myself ALWAYS waiting until the day or night before the flight and just grabbing whatever I can. It makes you really prioritize what you need and what you don’t.

Where are you going to next?

South America is in the works right now, and I’m planning on leaving as soon as COVID restrictions allow.

What is your biggest fear?

Snakes! I will NEVER mess with snakes, and when I see them I am out of there ASAP Rocky.

What is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is an Orca, and I have YET to see one in the wild, but it’s HIGH on the list.

What’s up! My name is Joe and this is my travel blog where I share all of the experiences that have made me a better traveler, and give you ideas to inspire your next destination.

I am 25 years old and I’ve been to 21 countries and counting! I am from the USA, born and raised Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. I have lived in Hawai’i as home base for over 7 years where I work as a marine biologist, freelance writer, and the KING of random gigs. I have gained a true passion for traveling, and I never want to stop exploring the world.

To me the most meaningful part of travel is meeting people from around the world, sharing experiences, and building new ones together. So shoutout to all the amazing friends and strangers I have met along my way, and welcome to my blog. I created the impulsive traveler blog because I began to realize that I travel in a very different way than most people. I am the epitome of an IMPULSIVE TRAVELER.

Many travelers involve intense planning, expectations, and preparations prior to their trips when I’d rather buy a ticket across the ocean for tomorrow and see what happens. People have called my methods crazy, insane, ridiculous, but whatever it gets me where I want to be. I am proof that travelling on the whim does not have to mean that you are unprepared, and being flexible will be completely rewarding. I have no regrets when I travel because I leave with little-to-no expectations, and do whatever I want.

The world of travel blogging is a brand new endeavor for me, and I am excited to see where I can take it. I have months of stories to share, and I intend to with as many people possible. I am not a professional blogger so although my site may lack some sexy sleekness like other influencers, I make up for it with authentically unique travel stories and guides. I also think that many influencer blogs fail to show the unattractive sides of travel, whereas I intend to introduce the hard decisions that have sometimes have to be made and the behind the scenes work that goes into this lifestyle.

I have over 15 years of experience as a backpacker and have studied budget, group, and solo travelling down to a science. It is definitely not the most glamourous travel, but the memories and stories you’ll have are more glamourous than any of the overrated expenses. Plus you need to discern if you are actually travelling for yourself or if you are doing it for other people’s attention. Sometimes maybe that is all you want out of a trip, but lasting memories can be collected without fancy equipment, cameras, or social media. As long as you understand your travel goals both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Since I started travelling I have ziplined in Costa Rica, trekked with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, and solo travelled to China to say the least. I am extremely interested in sustainable travel, conservation, photography, and chasing the world’s greatest views. Anyone who has met me can also tell you I love to party, and I will find it anywhere in the world. As my platform matures I hope that it will be able to inspire people who want to travel, but aren’t sure how to take the first leap. I want my photos, stories, and guides to be the blueprint for the impulsive way of travel. Get out there and see the world, it will shatter all your former perceptions.

I detail the life of a backpacker, exploring on a budget, and advice for where-to-next. I can’t wait for you to follow along for the journey.


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