30 PERFECT GIFT IDEAS 2022 | For Men Who Travel

Whether the holidays are coming up or you are trying to find the best gift ideas for any guys, travelers, or people in your life I made a list of 30 PERFECT GIFT IDEAS for you!

The list is catered towards men because I personally use a lot of these items in my own travel, and I also wanted to build a Christmas gift wish list for myself. For the girls, do not worry, all of these gifts would be perfect for you too! I know these would be great travel gift ideas for men because:

A) I already use these products and love them!

B) I have looked into purchasing these items for close family, friends, and fellow travelers.

Take a look because while there are some standard gift ideas good for any old traveler, there are many hidden gems you probably have never thought of!


(These gift ideas would be great for female travelers too, I just catered the list more toward myself with gifts focused more toward men)

1. Travel Backpack

Get that man a travel backpack! Seriously that is the best gift for any guy, we can never have too many backpacks. I go through so many every year because I just trash them on hikes, vacations, adventures, and beach trips.

I have tried many types of travel backpacks during my 15 years of travel, and I think I have found the perfect one! The trick I have found choosing a travel backpack that will last and function the best, is by looking at the volume and straps.

The best travel backpacks have a volume of at least 40L and a chest and waist support strap. The extra straps around the chest and waist are necessary if you want comfort and support while transiting during travel or backpacking expeditions.

Also grab your waterproof cover here to protect your belongings from inclement weather, water, and moisture.

Price: $99.94

2. Universal Charger

Having a universal charging outlet is vital for any traveler. I cannot tell you how many times I have used one of these nifty gadgets on past trips, plus having it all the adapters inside one unit only takes up a small amount of luggage storage.

This All in One travel adapter works for travel plans to the USA, EU, UK, AUS, Thailand, Korea, China, India, New Zealand, Israel, Argentina, Peru, and more! It really is a worldwide charging adapter.

Price: $14

3. Money Belt

I ALWAYS travel with a money belt, because I think it is the best way to keep your money, credit cards, and passport safe while traveling. Money belts like these can easily be worn under your pants and clothes to prevent pick pockets from accessing important materials.

If you want an even more discrete options I suggest going with this Khaki option, which is even less noticeable under clothes. This is the belt I currently use, and it has lasted me through 10 years of traveling!!

Price: $15

4. GoPro Hero 10

I have been thinking about upgrading to the GoPro Hero 10 camera for a while now, and I think this year I am going to finally do it. This camera is well worth the relatively good price shooting unbelievable quality with fine detail, realistic textures, stunning contrast, and even in low light. 

Currently I use a GoPro 3+, which is a far cry from the Hero 10. What changed my mind about upgrading was testing out a friends GoPro and the difference is INSANE! The image quality is so clear, vibrant, and detailed. The upgrades from the Hero 9 include 23MP photos and 5.3K video resolution at 60fps. You can pause your videos and grab a still photo still that still looks amazing!

Price: $449

If you want budget options without sacrificing the great quality of these cameras, opt for either the GoPro Hero 8 or Hero 9, which can save you a couple hundred dollars.

Price: $250 and $349

5. Camera Tripod

Tripods are the perfect gift for any traveler or photographer in your life. This Ubeesize Camera Tripod is compatible with all cameras, cell phones, and GoPro devices. It is extremely easy to set up and can accommodate many accessories to customize the user’s experience on adventures and every day life.

I recently upgraded my tripod camera equipment and even though it is a commitment to the price, it really does pay off in your photography and content production. A solid tripod makes the world of difference when shooting on uneven terrain, long distances, or self timed photos.

I love my tripod! I bring it on every trip I take because you never know when you are going to be alone and want a picture at some dramatic backdrop, or want to stabilize your camera equipment. It takes up a fraction of my travel luggage and helps me take the best quality pictures possible!

The Ubeesize 67″ Camera Tripod here also comes with a Travel Bag and a wireless remote that reaches up to 30 ft away. The remote is a game changer with this tripod because it lets you continue to take pictures away from the camera. I take a lot of my pictures myself using a remote just like this one!

Price: $38

6. TSA Pre-Check

TSA Pre-Check is the PERFECT gift for anyone in your life that travels for pleasure or for business! You can basically skip all of the nuisance airport lines, and not have to worry about making it through security in time for your flight.

This is every impulsive traveler’s dream gift! I always find myself running to the airport late and stressing through security. I like to buy flights last minute and having TSA Pre-check would alleviate so much of my travel stress and planning. Plus you will not have to take your shoes off at security anymore, how great is that?!

Also check here to see if your credit card provider offers compensated or FREE TSA Pre-check!

Prices: $85 for 5 years

7. Rainbow Slippers

I found my first pair of Rainbow Sandals hiking through the Kalaulau coast on Kauai’s north shore. These sandals are the BEST quality flip flops I have ever owned. They have been my go to hiking slippers.

The brand is originally from California and are extremely popular among southern Californians. The sandals are a bit more expensive, but the quality has been unmatched, and they are seriously worth every penny. Rainbows come with an excellent warranty if you are still a non believer, so there is no risk to at least try them! Every man deserves to have his own pair of Rainbows!

Price: $50-100

8. Solar Charging Port

Solar charging ports are a great idea for any guy you have no gift ideas for. This Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Power Bank uses 4 solar panels to sustainably charge your devices up to 10 times using only the sun!

I use solar charging packs for backpacking, hiking, and adventure trips when I am away from the power grid. I let the solar panels charge in the sun clipped to my backpack during the day, then they are able to get my cameras and phones charged up for the next days adventures. Your solar pack can charge while you hiking on your adventure! This model is built for the outdoors with a design that is dust, shock, and water resistant. The pack also has a built in LED flashlight for nighttime use or outdoor emergencies.

Price: $47

9. Neck Pillow

Believe it or not, I just purchase my first neck pillow, and I do not know how I have traveled this long without one! I ended up buying my first pillow because going on long haul flights was starting to effect my posture and hurt my neck, head, and back.

I prefer using a BCOZZy Chin Pillow instead of a traditional neck pillow, because it gives you more flexibility in how you position its support. Neck pillows lack support in the front and near your chin, leaving your neck vulnerable to soreness and awkward angles. This pillow offers 3 ergonomic ways to support your head, neck, and chin. It is the only pillow that stops your head from falling forward, plus it can easily clip onto your luggage.

Price: $32

10. Wireless Headphones

I am definitely a bit slow when it comes to new technology, and the same was true for my choice of headphones for a long time, I even still use an iPod with a headphone jack! I started experimenting with wireless headphones over the last year and I have finally come to the dark side.

Wireless headphones are an awesome addition to any traveler’s gift, inventory, or essentials. They make it so easy to enjoy music, calls, and videos while traveling. You can listen to all of your devices effortlessly, connecting automatically by Bluletooth.

Price: $150

If you want quality noise cancelling earbuds then check out the Beats Studio Buds. They are a little pricey but you do get what you paid for! If you want to grab a cheaper pair check out the Kurdene Wireless Earbuds which give you waterproof connectivity, and full device compatibility, at a fraction of the price!

Price: $25

11. Ray Ban Sunglasses

Keeping sunglasses in good quality is the bane of my existence and my fatal flaw! I never invest in quality pairs because I always end up breaking or losing so many throughout the year. This year a pair of Ray Bans is on my Christmas gift wish list!

The quality is unmatched and they look so cool! I have borrowed friend’s pairs before and they really are some of the best on the market. Definitely a great option for any person you are trying to buy a gift for, especially if they are the outdoorsy type.

Price: $150

12. Travel First Aid Kit

My travel essentials always includes a first aid kit, because you never know what kind of situations you will run into on the road. This first aid kit comes equipped with over 100 pieces of injury treatment useful for camping, hiking, backpacking, traveling, accidents, outdoors, emergency, and additional medical supplies. It is also travel size, perfect for any on-the-go traveler.

Price: $12

13. Gorilla Pod Camera Mount

Gorilla camera mounts are a MUST HAVE for any photographer, traveler, or adventure junky. The gorilla arms of the mount allow you to attach a camera to virtually any surface. I have used mine to stage my camera on precarious rocks, tree branches, and even kayak paddles.

You can get pretty crazy shots using this tripod accessory and it is a great tripod alternative to save space in your luggage, or in your backpack on mountain hikes.

Price: $38

14. GoPro Floaty Handle

My GoPro is attached to a floaty handle 98% of the time. It helps make sure I never lose it in the water when I am diving, snorkeling, swimming, cliff jumping, etc. I like this handle attachment better than long selfie poles because those tend to break earlier and require constant maintenance washing out the bearings to avoid rust and salt buildup with ocean use.

AND! This GoPro Floaty Handle acts as a storage device where you can store your keys or anything small you cannot leave on the beach. The tube is air tight and designed to protect whatever is inside it.

Price: $15

15. Camelback

Stay hydrated with a personal Camelback hydration pouch you can take hiking, backpacking, skiing, and more. Camelback water pouches are awesome and I have gone through many units during my travels. Buy this for anyone who loves the outdoors, desert adventures, or is a thirsty hoe.

(P.S. They are not only for water) LOL

Price: $50 – 70, with varying reservoir sizes

16. LifeStraw

I SWEAR BY THESE! Honestly they are one of the most useful tools for long, strenuous hikes, or wilderness adventures. Each LifeStraw has a long life able to filter up to 1,000 gallons of water, which is A LOT! I keep these in my travel essentials for filtering water when hiking, camping, and in case of an emergency.

Another awesome perk is that for every LifeStraw purchased, a school child in need receives safe drinking water for an entire school year! So you are giving to a good cause by giving a LifeStraw to somebody!

Pro Tip: If you wash and rinse the LifeStraw, and make sure to maintain it properly, you can extend its life.

Price: $17

17. Packing Cubes

If you travel like me and you hate packing, then this 4 Piece Packing Organizer Cube Set may be just the thing you need! When I pack I am more of a crammer, stuffer, and squishier. All of my belongings are just a chaotic mess inside my bags and suitcases.

With these cubes traveling will be better organized, decreasing stress, and make accessing items a breeze.

Price: $23

18. Micro SD Cards

Content creators, world travelers, photographers, and most people use many micro SD cards in their daily life. These little chips are like currency among file sharers. I for one can never have enough SD cards, storage space, or adapters lying around. The SanDisk 128 GB is the size card I would recommend because it is relatively cheap and it has an enormous amount of storage space!

These SD cards are also designed and tested for harsh conditions like temperature, moisture, shock, and x-rays. Honestly I need to buy some more.

Price: $23

19. Bluetooth Speaker

I am an avid music listener, especially when I travel, I like setting the ambiance. This speaker is the coolest portable model I could find! It clips straight onto your backpack, how great is that?! The JBL Clip 4 speaker uses Bluetooth connection and a Built-in Battery, compatible with most devices. The clip on speaker is also dustproof, waterproof, and shock proof PERFECT for when you trip and fall down the mountain hiking.

Price: $80

20. TSA Compliant Amenity Men’s Travel Kit

This is a marvelous stocking stuffer gift idea for anyone! The TSA Compliant 15 Piece Men’s Travel Kit contains essential travel-size toiletries and accessories to “carry-on” for leisure or business travel. Amenity kits will make an IDEAL gift for birthdays, gym fiends, college students, summer camp, Father’s Day, you name it!

Price: $10

21. World Traveler Scratch Map

A scratch-off map has been on my traveler Christmas wish list for a while now. I could not think of a better way to commemorate all the places I have been, AND that is especially true for any world travelers out there that love exploring internationally.

A scratch-off map is the perfect gift. It can decorate a room, office, or even a pilot cabin! It’s never been easier to share your travel experiences with your friends, family, and marvel at all the places you have been or plan to go. 

Price: $20

22. DJI Mini Drone

The day I purchase a drone is the day I take over the world! The DJI Mini Drone is the perfect starter drone for anybody. This would be the drone I buy if I had enough money saved up to invest in it right now!

The DJI Mini 2 is the ideal traveler’s drone being extremely light and agile, weighing only 249 grams. The drone has a 12mp camera that delivers 4k videos at 30fps. It comes with a built-in 3-axis motorized gimbal that ensures stability and smooth shooting no matter how crazy of a pilot your gifting it to.

This drone is everything you need for an amazing price. It has a maximum battery life of 31 minute flight time, and can reach more than 4,000 meters in the sky. The reason I love this drone so much is its portability and travel friendliness. It can easily fold down and fit compactly in any bags you take traveling with you.

Price: $449

23. Nalgene BPA Free Water Bottle

If you do not already, you need to buy Nalgene’s BESTSELLING water bottle for more than 30 years. This water bottle is my go to essential for every trip I take! Nalgene water bottles are virtually indestructible and perfect for every backcountry adventure in addition to the gym, office, or anywhere in between. Make sure you grab some sweet stickers to cover you bottle, or you are gonna look like a loser!

Price: $13

24. Inflatable Lounger

Ok this gift idea is pretty cool. This inflatable lounger takes up almost no space because its made of a lightweight material and you only need the wind to fill it. Simple whisk it through the air to fill the lounger, then roll the edges, buckle it, and it is all set!

The inflatable lounger can be used as a beach, lawn, or camping chair perfect for a hiking break or relaxing day in nature. It comes with a small bag that keeps it compact and easy to store on the go.

Price: $20

25. Passport Holder

Keep your passport and other important documents like your Covid-19 vaccination card safe inside this unique premium synthetic leather passport holder. This holder will provide durable protection for your passport, business cards, credit cards, boarding passes, and more.

You can conveniently organize its interior and quickly access any information during boarding and transit. There are many more color options available too, so do not worry you can have some customization.

Price: $10

26. Tile Mate – GPS Tracker

Tile Mate is an extremely useful travel accessory that will prevent losing or misplacing any item abroad or at home. Attach the tile to everyday items like keys, bags, or anything you want to keep track of.

You can pair it to your phone or use the app the track and locate your item easily and efficiently, without stress.

Price: $25

27. Shoes

Every traveler knows that shoes are a rich commodity. I go through many pairs of shoes in between trips, because I just hike right through them. These barefoot style Xero Shoes are definitely on my wish list. They are perfect for any outdoor activities, adventure trips, hiking, running, biking, and water sports. Plus they give you the barefoot feel which I love when I am hiking.

Use my links below to save 10% on any purchase.

Price: $40 – 100

Xero Shoes - the shoes for barefoot running, walking, hiking and... FUN

28. Lightweight Sleeping Bag

I have searched far and wide for a travel sleeping bag, and the Litume Lightweight Sleeping Bag is my favorite one so far! The sleeping bag is ultra lightweight at only 2.6lbs, and takes up a marginal amount of space in your bags.

Do not forget to grab your self inflating sleeping pad to pair with the sleep bag! The pad does not require any air pumps or breath from you to inflate!

Price: $87

29. Portable Tent

Portable tents pair perfectly with the lightweight sleeping bag and sleeping pad. My favorite go to travel tent is the BISINNA 2 Person Camping Tent. It is a backpacking waterproof tent perfect for mountaineering, trekking, solo travel, and family camping trips!

Price: $66

30. Hammock

Grab a hammock and find a tree for awesome relaxation and photography content. This Portson Double Hammock is the best gift idea for any traveler, backpacker, mountaineer, or frat bro.

The Portson Hammock requires NO ROPES and uses tree friendly straps that hug the trees instead materials that dig into them. Easily set up the hammock by clipping into carabiners and looping straps around a tree or hanging frame.

Price: $35


31. Luggage Locks

Luggage locks are a must have for any traveler or backpacker. They help ensure bags are secure transiting and at your final destination. Perfect for any backpacker or traveler that wants an added measure of security for their belongings.

Attach them to your zippers when you leave your bags at your hostel, fit them to lockers, and keep them on while walking through big cities to deter pick pockets. 

Price: $22

32. Custom Luggage Tag

Use these custom luggage tags to easily identify your bags at congested airports with creative luggage tags, straps, and more accessories. They are customizable with multiple colors to choose from and individual tags. 

Price: $23


There are infinite amounts of products and items curated for travelers by travelers. I would love to hear from you if you have any other ideas I should add to my gift guide!

What’s the best travel related gift you’ve received? Plane tickets? Backpacks? Camera accessory? Let me know so I can update my article with the best gift ideas for travelers!

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