Hiking Guide to Wedding Cake Rock | Sydney, Australia

Wedding Cake Rock is a completely unique bucket list travel destination accessible to almost anyone traveling through the Royal National Park outside of Sydney, Australia.

The bleached rock is an amazing geological sandstone feature inside New South Wales’ Royal National Park. I have hiked to many places in the Royal National Park including the infamous Figure 8 Pools, but this spot always stands out in my memories. This other worldly destination looks exactly like its pictures with the stark contrast of the vibrant chalky white rock against the deep blue ocean background. and you will not be disappointed.

The rock precariously hangs over the steep cliffs that line the NSW coast, and the hike is extremely accessible following a section of the Bundeena Coastal Walk. Total round trip to Wedding Cake Rock is only about 2 hours at a relaxed pace. The quickest access begins from the Coast track south of Bundeena involving an enjoyable and easy trek along the cliffs and bush. During the hike you may experience different types of native plants, wallabies, and charismatic birds like the cockatoo! The trail crosses over areas of flowing water and past a glorious waterfall abruptly cascading over the cliffs into the ocean. Almost the entire route offers magnificent 180 degree ocean views perfect for whale watching between September and November. 

The bright porcelain color of the sandstone is caused by iron leaching, consequently making it extremely soft and prone to unpredictable cracking. You can already see large separations where it attaches to the main rock ledge, and the large portion is prone to collapsing at any time. This is one of those bucket list destinations you have to see soon because it may not be around in the next 20 years, so definitely add the short bush excursion to your travel itinerary. while you are down under 

Getting There

Wedding Cake Rock Trail on the Bundeena Coast Track – Royal National Park

Parking is limited along the streets of Bundeena, but we had relatively little trouble finding a spot and we were only there for an hour. You can also use public transportation to Cronulla, where a ferry can take you to the start of the Coast Track on Beachcomber Avenue in Bundeena. 

Length: 2 hours round trip

Things to Note

Wedding Cake Rock is extremely fragile and prone to collapse, so it is important to heed safety guidelines and remain behind the fences. Rangers often patrol the area, and can view the rock from a ranger station not too far away. Only climb onto it at your own risk, and be aware of the penalties from the national park service.

Things to Bring

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